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It won't let me change/choose my delivery time.

You can change the delivery time on the final page once you proceed to checkout. Until you are on the checkout page it will automatically select the soonest delivery time by default.

My address isn't allowing me to order.

If you believe your postcode is on the boarder of our delivery radius please get in touch with us via instagram DM, email or contact form with your full postcode and desired day of delivery and we will come back to you if we can make it work.

Can I add additional items to my order?

Yes absolutely, as long as this is done in advance of our arrival to you. Please do it as another order online. Book the extra drinks/food for a date at least a week in advance and then DM on instagram the order number of both bookings and we will combine the two.

Can we buy more drinks during the delivery?

Unfortunately not, during COVID, as much as you and we want to be able to add to your orders and keep things flowing, we will not be able to add drinks on the spot. So make sure to order plenty in advance!!

If these don't answer your questions please do get in touch with us. DM on instagram will result in the fastest response.

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